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The Tri-State Modelers

Flying Radio Control Model Aircraft in Dubuque, Iowa

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Flying location:  FDR Park
Visitors are ALWAYS welcome

About the Tri State Modelers

Just who are the Tri State Modelers?

We are a bunch of people who love aviation, especially flying model airplanes that are controlled using Radio Control (R/C) systems.  Our members range from highly experienced flyers to beginners. Our members are of all ages, from youngsters in school to seniors who are retired.  Some fly a lot, some rarely fly.   Some fly only electric planes, some fly fuel powered airplanes, others fly airplanes that are powered by gasoline engines.  Some models are very small and light ... others are up to 1/3 scale models of real aircraft.  Some members prefer helicopters.   Some members love to build airplanes, others want to avoid building as much as possible.

The club is very loosely organized.   We are incorporated in the State of Iowa and we have a board of directors.   There are club meetings on the second Wednesday evening of each month at 7:00 PM.  They are held at Mt. Pleasant Home in Dubuque except for the June, July, and August meetings which are held at the flying site (weather permitting).  Attendance at these meetings is completely optional.

We fly at what was once called FDR park.   The park has been closed for many years so access is a bit of a problem.   We have a lease arrangement with the City of Dubuque Parks Dept. for the use of the field and access to it.   Each member receives a key for the lock at the gate which must not be duplicated or passed on to non-members.   Guests are always welcome at the flying field ... they just need to be escorted in through the gate by a member.

Our field was graded and developed entirely using funds and labors of club members many years ago when the park was still open to the public.  We do all the grass mowing and field maintenance with our own equipment.   We also maintain the road inside the gate when it needs grading.