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The Tri-State Modelers

Flying Radio Control Model Aircraft in Dubuque, Iowa

Come Fly with Us!

Flying location:  FDR Park
Visitors are ALWAYS welcome

Due to the fact that FDR Park is closed to the public, there are 2 ways that you can come to watch:

The Tri-State Modelers is a group of individuals of all ages who love to fly R/C (Radio Control) model airplanes. Occasionally a helicopter will appear, but most of our efforts are towards fixed wing aircraft. Our models range in size from the very small electric or fuel powered airplanes to the very large airplane that has a gas engine.

Guest flyers are always welcomed.   Please note that ALL pilots MUST BE CURRENT AMA MEMBERS to fly at our field.

CLICK HERE for the AMA video "Discover Flight"

CLICK HERE for a video of our field taken before a club meeting using a GoPro video camera mounted on the underside of a UCanDo3D airplane.   The first portion of the video is running thru the 2012 IMAC Sportsman Pattern.

Click Here for a video taken same as above but the camera is pointing rearward.

CLICK HERE   for an AMA YouTube Video.


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